How To Install IMO On PC

How To Install IMO On PC

The truth is that instant messaging has become the main means of communication by technological means. The top of this category is occupied by huge franchises, such as WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger, for example, as well as others such as Telegram, LINE,  etc.also some people are using free online chat room site where you can communicate with many people live. However, there are other instantaneous messaging that struggle to emerge, despite the great competition that surrounds them. One of these is IMO, a very practical messaging, which has all the features expected of an application of its category. But, in addition, it has a superior performance to other superior messaging services.

How to have IMO on the PC

Although there is no official version for desktop patented by IMO developers, there is a way to have IMO on your PC, just by installing an additional program. We refer to an Android emulator, which is a program that imitates with amazing accuracy the main features of the Android operating system, and works in almost the same way. Let’s see, below, how to get IMO FOR pc in the emulator, and how to get the emulator itself:

How To Install IMO On PC

IMO for PC with Andy emulator

(The emulator that we will use will be an emulator called Andy, since it is one of the best emulators that exist in the market, mainly due to its compatibility with a greater number of applications and its fluidity of operation).

  • Go to Andy’s official site, which is andyroid.net.
  • From there, download the program.
  • Now, you have to run the program on your computer, and wait for the additional elements to be downloaded.
  • Once the installation process is complete, enter the emulator, and enter the Play Store, which is where we will look for IMO.
  • Search for “IMO” on Google Play, from the search box, obviously.
  • Select the official IMO application from the results.
  • Press the green button titled “Download”, and wait a few seconds, or minutes (depending on the speed of your internet), until it is completely downloaded.
  • Once it has been downloaded to the emulator, it will be installed automatically. To use it, you just have to enter the IMO application and do the corresponding process, in the same way you would from a mobile.

After going through the registration process, you can use IMO for PC, through the Andy emulator. As we can see, it is not difficult, and it can be useful if you do not have a mobile device at the moment, or just want to use it on your PC for leisure or convenience.


How to Know if a Site Has Been Banned in Adsense

Jensense published an interesting post about how to recognize a site that has been banned from using Adsense ads. This topic is particularly important if you plan to buy a site with the goal of putting Adsense ads and realize after buying it that this will not be possible.

On the one hand, you do not want to buy a site that is not possible to place ads and on the other hand, you do not want to pass the webmaster for the task of taking an Adsense account to verify if it is possible to do so, because the idea is to obtain the best price of the site.

So, these are some of the ways to ensure that a site has not been banned from Adsense:

Using the Ads Preview Tool

Visit some of the pages on the site and use the AdSense Ads Preview tool. If no ads appear on any of the pages or an error code of type “e: -2146697208” appears then the site was banned from using adsense ads.

Sometimes this error message is not enough. Even if it does not appear the site may be banned. Sometimes the following legend appears instead of the ads:This is not necessarily a bad sign, although some people think that it is really a sign that the site was banned. Check a second time later in case it is a topic in the preview tool or a topic related to robots.txt or indexing.

How to Know if a Site Has Been Banned in Adsense

You are not authorized to view this page or “You are not authorized to view this page”

When a site was banned and Adsense code still remains, instead of PSA ads you will see an “Unauthorized access” error that corresponds to HTTP error code 403. When you see yourself in an iframe, you probably will not see the entire page, but this is a clear sign that the site has been taken out of the Adsense program.It is important to note that this error is seen in IE browsers and not in Firefox.if this is not work for you than try this free Adsense banned Status Checker free of cost.

Cache Google / Yahoo / MSN

If you run into someone who is trying to get the ads out quickly, check the cache in the search engines for iframes containing the error message “Unauthorized access” or “You are not authorized to view this page”. Check the cache dates to know how long the data is cached.

Internet Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine Internet site is an interesting way to know if the site we are investigating had any inconvenience of any nature. Even if Adsense was active during the file capture period, the ads will look like “Unauthorized access” or “You are not authorized to view this page” so this is a good way to verify a site. Anyway, webmasters can prevent Internet Wayback Machine from archiving them using robots.txt.

These ways of checking if a site has been banned in the Google Adsense program are not perfect but they limit the possibilities of buying a site that is not able to have ads.

What happens if we buy a banned site? It is probably best to contact Adsense support directly for advice. In any case, very few people have been able to be accepted into the program again by a previously banned site, because it is very difficult to detect unscrupulous acts.


How to be accepted by AdSense Approval in 4 Simple Steps

How to be accepted by AdSense Approval in 4 Simple Steps

Many think that being accepted by AdSense is very difficult and requires a large site, with visits to achieve it. This concept is not real, since I have verified several times that you do not need a blog that is already very developed to be accepted.Now I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to be able to have your application or AdSense application approved.

What I am going to show you next is what I used in the last 2 months (on this date 11/20/2017) and that it allowed me to accept 6 Google AdSense accounts from friends and acquaintances, in less than 2 days of sending application.This is not self-promotion, because I am not selling anything, I am just saying that it can really be achieved and it is not as difficult as many can say.if you are blogger and looking to approve your adsense than you came to right place before you send application fourm you have to check your adsense banned by google or not than you can apply the reason before checking your website some time some domain got expire and avaible for sale again and you never know so to make sure you can use this Adsense banned checker tool By Seotoolnetwork it will tell you free of cost.

How to be accepted by AdSense Approval in 4 Simple Steps

What AdSense Looks Like

I really do not know, because I am not part of your team and I do not know what your rules are, but you can get to understand what they want.We just need a little common sense. They seek seriousness, potential and good content. Next I will show you how to achieve it in simple steps.

  1. Design

Let’s start with the structure of your site, website or blog. It is important that you have a clean and easy to read template.Many contact me wanting to be like getting approval and once I’m on your website I see that they have a black background in the text and titles in red. Although it is the design that you can like your target (readers) it would be best to change it until they accept you.

What I recommend is to have a white text background and black or dark gray letter (# 333).

Have a header with a menu, where we will put the pages that I will indicate below and the categories.In the sidebar place the recent entries, as much as possible with a thumbnail (small image to preview), then a widget to search and if you want links to the categories of your website.You have excellent templates already made in ElegantThemes and MyThemeShop that can serve you in the future and for different projects.It is essential that you understand that simple wins. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Those of Google do not want to be amazed. They want the content to be read correctly, have a good navigability and look serious.

Which brings us to the second point …

  1. A logo, an identity

I ask you, would you trust a site with a pixelated logo? Or would you prefer one with a slightly more worked logo?

Surely you would choose the second option.

So, look a bit at your blog. Does your logo really represent your site? I’m not asking for a professional logo, but something that is at least worth seeing, or at least with a good handwriting.

Look at these quick examples to give you an idea:

Examples logos

What I recommend is to go to GraphicRiver, and see some examples of logos within your niche, and try to imitate them.

If you have any phrase or slogan to put on the logo, better yet! Like “Internet Marketing with Style”, for example.

  1. Pages

I think this is one of the most important parts. You need to create essentially 3 pages:

About the site (who we are, about, who I am, about me, etc)

  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy

In the first, do not worry too much write about 200-300 words about yourself and why you created the blog (do not put to be accepted).

On the contact page simply put something like:

“If you have any questions or concerns, you can do it by filling out the following form.”

And finally there is the privacy policy. What I personally use is the Privacy Policy that is generated in Serprank. It does not matter if it is in English, the important thing is that it is what Google is looking for.

  1. Content

It is clear that you need good content to be approved by AdSense, you can’t use any rewrite content that definitely against the Adsense Policy but do not need to have dozens of articles. Moreover, the 6 pages that I helped create my friends to accept them had an average of 8 articles.

Why 8?

  • It worked for me the first time and I kept doing it that way.
  • What I believe is that those who do control see that it is a site with potential and that it has clear ideas, so why deny it a good future.
  • That yes, I try that the 8 articles have at least 500 words (it is not related to SEO or anything like that, simply by length).
  • They should also revolve around the theme of your site and most importantly, that is a subject well appreciated by AdSense.
  • That is to say, nothing of funny videos, of jokes, of phrases that are in all the web, of rare news. If you want to be accepted, make sure they will.
  • One of my friends actually has a main site that is bizarre news. But to be accepted, I recommended a topic related to personal improvement.
  • The cost? 3 dollars for the domain in Godaddy with a coupon, 8 articles and about 3 hours to have the site ready. The result? Be approved by AdSense.

Did you see that simple?

  • This is the only thing I have in mind when advising someone to accept an account.
  • If you follow these simple steps and tips, you will see that it is not at all difficult to be accepted.
  • If you have any questions or want to show your website just write me or post it here and I will give you some more personalized tips

How to Play Card Games Online

If you like poker, blackjack, go fish or the old maid, you can play card games online. Many sites offer single player or multiplayer card games. You can even pretend to bet or, in some cases, play for money. Play online card games and have the night of poker every night.One of the best games is also a http://www.unfairmario.online/

1 Know that your own computer may have built-in card games to play alone or in line with an opponent. Check out the card games as the solitaire if you have a windows operating system. Find different versions of solitaire, such as FreeCell, on some computers.

2 They realize that many websites offer card games, but be careful and avoid giving your credit card number or other personal information without making sure you are in a secure and reliable web environment.

3 Find websites like The House of Cards or Buzzle.com to play online card games, and collect some that you think you would enjoy (see Resources below). See that some sites promote gambling, while other sites only provide a gambling environment where gambling does not take place.

4 Beware of websites that allow you to continue to play card games online with annoying or rude players that you can not block or ignore. Look for websites that have options to avoid nasty ones. Avoid arguing with opponents as you never know who is on the other side of the net. Remember, it’s only better than going out or logging out – it’s just a game.

5 Understand that most people who participate in online card games are educated. Play online card games and meet other players who enjoy the challenge of cards.

Tips & Warnings
Be careful who gives you credit card information as well. Check for secure sites. If in doubt about a site, either find out as much as you can about the website before providing personal and financial information, or simply use a different website.
Keep in mind that, like live games, online games can be addictive. Limit your time spent at gambling sites and take a lot of breaks. Check out support groups if you find yourself developing a serious problem with addiction or gambling.


Why are LED headlights better than traditional ones and xenon

Although it may not seem to be the main thing, the lighting provided by the headlights of a tourism is an element of active safety that must be taken into account, since we spend a great number of hours traveling in the light of the moon. Moreover, not all roads have decent lighting, and most of them are not even illuminated.

As with practically everything in this sector, there are many types of lights, some better and some worse, depending on the use of the vehicle can be profitable or not, some light one way and some others, some spend more and others spend less .Lately we talk a lot about LED lighting, and it is precisely in this type of headlamp where we want to focus and analyze its advantages over halogen and xenon headlights.

Why are LED headlights better than traditional ones and xenon-1

halogen lighthouses are the most common but consume more and illuminate less than led

Halogen lamps are the most common in cars we usually see on the roads. Until very few years ago, the exceptions to this type of lighting only occurred in high-end cars or in the higher equipment finishes of average passenger cars.The bulb has inside it with a filament that reaches very high temperatures (around 2,500 degrees) and that it becomes incandescent; hence the emission of light. The light quality and range depend on the bulb itself and the headlight design.

Although it is easy to be founded, its main advantages are the very economical price of the bulb and that the facility at the time of its replacement, since they can be changed by oneself without possessing technical knowledge.Its two main negative points are the higher energy consumption and the lower quality when it comes to lighting. Over time they have advanced and improved, but it seems that there is not much room for improvement.

Why are LED headlights better than traditional ones and xenon-2

High-intensity discharge lamps (xenon)

In the late 1990s, the industry began offering xenon as an optional element in high-end vehicles and in the higher finishes of more general vehicles, though almost always optionally and after going through the box with an extra cost .In the middle of the first decade of this century, its use spread and it was no longer necessary to go to very luxurious vehicles to find this standard headlamp.

xenon systems have a white lighting of quality, a good duration and less temperatures, but at the same time are more expensive, have a complex repair and its flash of light can dark to the rest of cars

Its operating principle is similar to that of a fluorescent tube. Inside they have gases, one of them is xenon gas, and two electrodes. When activated, an arc is generated through the gas, which provides illumination.The advantages of xenon systems compared to halogen lamps are their white and higher quality lighting, longer durability, lower energy use, lower temperatures during operation and greater light beam (between 25 and 50% more).

As for the disadvantages of xenon we must mention the higher price of acquisition and complexity when it comes to repair, they last longer than halogen, but also melt over time being much more expensive to replace and its beam of light and its intensity can dazzle other vehicles.

LED lights

On led headlights lighting does not come from a single led, but from various groups of these Today, many cars are using Best LED headlights. In addition, they are also used a lot in later pilots as they can play an important role in design with their shapes while they are illuminated, as we saw in the test of the Toyota Prius.

In these headlights, the illumination does not come from a single LED, but from several groups of LEDs. An LED diode consumes very little energy in relation to what it illuminates, but the problem is that its luminosity is reduced. This leads precisely to the use of several groups with several diode units each, which is an advantage since it can allow the disconnection of one or more groups of the same headlight while the rest remain on.Obviously, these LEDs are much more powerful than those used, for example, in the red light of a remote control that lights up when we push a button. The only counterpart of them being so powerful is that they can generate high temperatures in the near areas, a reason why in some passenger cars it has resorted to the heatsink of temperature.

The only drawback that LED lighting can present in a market is the purchase price compared to halogen, but looking at it from another point of view, the difference in price with the discharge lamps is invaluable.

Why are LED headlights better than traditional ones and xenon-3

Advantage? Many

the led headlights have a life saving superior to the car, consume little energy, enhance a more innovative design and develop more safe electronic lighting systems Highlighting mainly a longer life than the car itself, low energy consumption, more ease for designers to “mold” both headlights and rear lights and change the design of the car when they are turned on, develop electronic systems that allow circulation by road always with the long ones connected and that automatically deactivates only the module that illuminates the area near a car when approaching and a white light and clear.Moreover, from the moment of the ignition, they offer their full potential.

Why are LED headlights better than traditional ones and xenon-4

Farewell to the past

Traditional halogen lights are outdated and energy-consuming, and xenon lighting does its job well; although they are already very exploited, they carry maintenance and it is expensive, added that they are not expected to evolve more.Therefore, as we have already seen, the LED collects all the advantages of xenon with a lower power consumption and allowing many more functions in favour of safety and aesthetics being also for life.

Lighting is no trivial matter and security either. The difference in the quality of vision of halogen headlights compared to some LEDs is very large, both by range and sharpness, as by visual fatigue when we take a couple of hours driving at night; a reason why they are ideal for who usually leads by roads with little illumination.

Why are LED headlights better than traditional ones and xenon-6


Duplicate Content – Tools and Tips For Detecting it

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content typically refers to fragments of content in several domains that fully match or are very similar. In most cases, this content is produced without us noticing it.Duplicate content is one of the most uncomfortable hurdles that any website can have and can adversely affect your SEO. If you have a blog in WordPress I will tell you that there are 1001 ways you are accumulating duplicate content.

Think WordPress is very easy to appear more than a content with all the looks of being duplicated, or what is the same, if you have a Blog you should pay special attention to keep at bay all the content that we have duplicated so that adversely affect your search engine rankings.With this post I intend to finish with the duplicate content of any Blog or website, and lay a good foundation to try to keep it in the future always at bay.

We will begin with something very simple and that are basic aspects of a good configuration of our blog to avoid the appearance of the little desired duplicate content.

Duplicate Content - Tools and Tips For Detecting it

13 basic tips to remove duplicate content

1.- Canonical URL.

Choose the domain that you are going to use with or without www, and communicate it to Google through Google Webmaster. Remember that you must add the site with and without www and validate the ownership of both domains so that you can choose between one of the two. This is the most common way to generate duplicate content, and one of the most harmful for SEO.


2.- A single publisher.

If you are the only editor of your blog you have to know that you are generating duplicate information, this can be easily corrected if we check the author’s box “noindex, follow”, and in this way we tell the search engine not to index this page. You only have to do it if the blog is managed by a single author.

3.- Misuse and indexing of the labels.

You have to know that the tags will not help you in the positioning of your Blog, so use them as little as possible, and as long as it is strictly necessary.

Ideally you can define about 20 or 25 labels, where the marketing of content you make are related to some of these.

A very common mistake in misusing labels is to have 50 to 100 labels with one or two articles per label, which makes no sense.

4.- A structure of internal links inconsistent.

5.-Content duplicated on more than one page.

It is also a very common mistake, which occurs when using content partially or totally in several pages of our Blog. This is something we should always avoid as it can hurt us in SERP (SEO).

6.- Categories without Goals.

The categories are always the great forgotten of a Blog, nobody stops to introduce a description, much less the Meta Title and the Meta Description, and this we can generate duplicated content.

7.- Pages of the same category.

To solve this, you can use the HTML attributes rel = “next” and rel = “prev” to indicate the relationship between specific URLs. This is known as paginated content.

8.- Meta Title Duplicate. This is one of the most common cases of finding this content because more than one url uses the same Meta Title.

9.- Meta Description Duplicate.

Like the previous one, it is quite frequent, and we must solve it by writing a unique description for each element that we index in the search engine.

10.- Do not index what you consider unimportant of your Blog.

If you check the box of nofollow in those elements that do not have importance in our blog, you will be greatly reducing the chances of generating duplicate content.

11.- Duplicate content extracted from a third party.

It is that content that we partially copy from other web and publish it in our blog, we must avoid it whenever possible.if your content being copied you want to check visit this site to check your content.

12.- Syndication.

The problem we have when we send our content to be published by RSS in other sites and instead of being partially published is done in full.

13.- Plagiarism of our Blog.

To resolve someone who plagiarized a content totally we can do is send an email to delete the content or to put a link, this will help the searcher to detect the original content.


Conversion of Videos As a Professional with HandBrake


There are endless video formats and not all devices play them as easily. Hence the need to have a video converter.

There are many issues in which the distance between the desirable and the reality is insurmountable. An example is the clutter of video formats that you can find. The problem is not exclusively in physical formats (DVD, Blu-Ray) if not in digital formats. WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV are just some of the formats available, each with its unique properties and features. We recently saw on Blogthinkbig.com a selection of the best video players for Windows, capable of reading virtually any video extension including subtitle files. But you will not always be watching a video on your Windows computer. You may want to watch it on a video game console, a smart TV via USB or a dedicated multimedia center, not to mention your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, these devices read certain formats but others are choked, so you will be forced to convert a video to the compatible format to avoid problems.

A format converter

There are a variety of video converters, free and paid. One of the most popular and complete is HandBrake, a tool available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that will allow you to convert videos to any format, with a minimum loss of quality.

Do not let your looks scare you. HandBrake is easier to use than it seems.

Its cover letter is very complete: it has pre-configured profiles for specific devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, PlayStation or Xbox; Opens most formats (DVD, Blu-Ray and digital); Converts to MP4, MKV, AVI and integrates subtitles in VobSub, SSA and SRT formats. In addition to all this, HandBrake stands out because in its configuration menus you can customize virtually all aspects of the conversion.

You May Also Read: Wondershare Video Converter Review

The pre-configured profiles

The fastest and most convenient way to work with HandBrake is through its pre-configured profiles or Presets. As simple as opening a video from Open Source and choosing one of the available profiles, either by video resolution or by device where you are going to play it. The less resolution, the less quality you will see the video. If you’re going to see it on a small screen, smartphone or tablet, a resolution of 480p or 576p may be worth it, but if you’re going to see it on a modern TV, it’s inevitable to go to 720p (HD) or 1080p (Full HD) Best result.

Proportional graph of the usual video resolutions on TV.

Of course, you can not convert a video to a higher resolution. If the original video is 720p, that’s the maximum resolution you can aspire to. No converter works miracles. In addition, you should keep in mind that the more resolution the video has, the more size the file will occupy, so if your storage space is limited you will have to choose between video quality or file size. As for the devices available, HandBrake covers the most popular: Chromecast, Fire TV, PlayStation, Roku or Xbox in Devices and iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Android in Legacy.

Customizing Conversion

After opening a video and choosing a profile, HandBrake allows you to change several elements of the conversion. Most are fine by default, but you may want to change something, like activating the Web-optimized option if you want to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, configure a dynamic bit rate to optimize the size of the video without losing excessive image quality, etc.

In HandBrake there are many options to configure.

From the Picture tab, for example, you can change the resolution or screen size to a concrete to avoid black stripes or try luck with a filter to eliminate the noise of the image in the case of low-quality videos or old. If you are converting the contents of a DVD or Blu-Ray, from the Chapters tab you can choose which chapters to include or not, for example, if you want to remove trailers or simply convert a scene instead of an entire movie or chapter in the case Of a series. To find out if you’ve tried changing some of these parameters, you have the Preview option that will help you to see a small portion of converted video before deciding on the complete conversion.

Adding subtitle or audio to video

Two of HandBrake’s most practical options are in the Audio and Subtitles tabs. If you are used to watching movies or series in several languages, from these two sections you can select one or more audio channels and integrate or not subtitles.

HandBrake supports multiple audio channels and subtitles.

In the case of subtitles, you have two options: save them in the video so that they are displayed when you activate them (default option) or that they are recorded in the video so that they are always seen (you will have to activate the option Burned In).


What is the function of the brushes in an electric motor

When talking about the engine of a car, it always refers to its propeller, and not to the starter, which is the one that allows the vehicle to start up. It is an electric motor that incorporates certain fundamental parts. One of them are the brushes, of which we speak to you next.If you want to know more about these do visit on this site  https://minhmotor.com/danh-muc/dong-co-dien-motor/

The importance of the brushes in the starter motor

The brushes are one of the fundamental parts in the operation of an electric motor. They can be defined as the element that exerts electrical connection between the fixed part and the rotating part inside an electric motor (rotor).

In the field of automotive, we can find the brushes on the starter motors. The starter is an electric machine that allows a combustion engine to begin to rotate, since it can not start on its own. The components that a starter motor takes, summarizing, are:

  • Casing: supports and carries a bushing that serves as a guide for the rotor shaft and bendix.
  • Attack pinion (bendix): engages directly with the flywheel and causes the engine to rotate.
  • Rotor: part that rotates in the electric motor.
  • Stator: fixed part in the electric motor. It is attached to the housing.
  • Collectors: allow the flow of electricity from the fixed elements to the mobile, and vice versa.

What, then, is the function of the brushes? These are elements whose purpose is to make the necessary pressure on the collectors or rotating rings, and that in this way the contact can be made for the passage of electricity.

Once the current arrives from the battery, the electric motor starts up. The bendix moves to the flywheel gear and causes the combustion engine to start spinning until it starts.

The starter brushes, because they are in permanent friction, can wear out over time and cause problems. Power can also be lost due to faults in the contact between the brush and the manifolds. That is why in many cases, failures in the starter motor can be remedied by replacing the brushes.

The brushes today

Brushless electric motors are currently being developed, and so it is an element that, although still important, could gradually become obsolete. At the moment, we can find it especially in motors of electric vehicles, industrial and appliances.

Do away with the brushes allows you to build smaller motors for smaller sites and more specific functions. The disadvantage is that, in the absence of these elements, they need an electronic management in order to work.


Domain Authority vs. Page Authority: Which is More Important?

Domain Authority vs Page Authority Which is More Important

The Authority is an SEO concept that measures the popularity of a website, based on specific metrics that Google considers important to improve the positioning of your page. There are different types and ways of measuring that authority.Two of the most popular concepts for measuring Authority level are the Domain Authority and Page Authorization. But what are they and what do they differ?

Let’s start by clarifying concepts.

What is the Domain Authority (AD)?

It is an indicator, developed by SEOMoz, that measures the authority, quality and credibility of the content, of a website. Ratings range from 1 to 100, with 100 being the highest.It is a metric that helps to improve the search engine positioning of our page. Having a High Domain Authority means gaining visibility for your website and increasing positions on Google.

How can we improve the Domain Authority?

  • Get an optimized website with responsive design and good usability.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy.
  • Create a personal brand. Write interesting and original content.
  • Develop a good Linkbuilding strategy to get quality links.
  • Delete bad links to your site that can hurt you.
  • Create a calendar for social networks with posts from the content of your website.
  • Do not forget to install social buttons on your website so you can share your content more easily.
  • Avoid broken links and 404 errors.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority Which is More Important

 What is the Page Authority?

Also known as PA, is another indicator, developed by SEOMoz, that measures the authority, quality and credibility of the pages of a website, regardless of its domain.

What do we do to improve the Page Authority?

  • Create interesting and original content for your audience.
  • Write on the page following the SEO parameters.
  • Includes external links to relevant pages.
  • Includes internal links.
  • Delete the links to your site that you are not interested in.

 How can we measure our Domain Authority and Page Authority?

The tool developed by MOZ Open Site Explorer allows you to know the DA and the page authority for free by inserting the URL of the website you want to measure. In addition, it allows you to see the links to your website.You can also install the SEO Toolbar extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.or you click here to check

So which is more important? Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

  • If we compare the above definitions, we realize that they are very similar. As you can see, both follow similar strategies when it comes to improving authority.
  • The main difference is that the Domain Authority focuses on the domain, that is, on the whole of the website, while the Page Authority only indicates the relevance of a single page, regardless of the domain to which it belongs.
  • In general, it is considered more important to have a good Domain Authority since it is the overall set of the company. But to be able to decide this question, we should look at the objectives that we want to achieve.
  • If our goal is to build brand image we have to focus on the Domain Authority, whereas if we find ourselves thanks to a specific content, we would have to focus on the page authority.
  • One is not more important than the other. The two have to be in tune to get a good organic positioning of your page.

Does your phone “eat” your data rate ?: check your apps

The vast majority of mobile internet users have contracted the same data rate for years. However, today, many applications that we use every day consume more and more data, causing our tariff to evaporate almost without realizing it.

Having the automatic playback of Facebook videos or the use of voice calls through Whatsapp are examples of practical comedies in which we do not usually repair.

Let’s review a series of actions and configurations that will help us to save data in the use of our smartphone:

Decrease playback quality of Spotify
Spotify sends the music streaming to our phone in an automatic quality, which is a high quality of reproduction: the higher the quality of reproduction, the greater amount of data consumed.

To reduce this quality of playback of the songs we will start by opening the application and first we will touch the icon Your music (or Library, according to version) that appears in the menu below and in the following screen we touch on the icon of the gear (top right). In the next screen we go down to find Quality of the music. We will click on it and once inside this section in the Streaming area we will be able to select the quality in which the music will be played. In this case we choose the Normal Quality, thus considerably reducing the consumption of data.

Most of the newer videos are often played in high definition.
High quality videos on YouTube, only with Wifi
The video is one of the content that consumes more data and more taking into account that most recent videos are usually reproduced in high definition.

When opening the application we touch the menu button or icon of our account to access the settings of the same and where we will select Configuration. In this section we will find an option with the name View in HD (Wi-Fi only) (or Limit mobile data, depending on version), which will indicate to the application that only plays HD (high definition) videos if we are connected to a network Wifi.

Adjustments of downloads and use of data in WhatsApp
The queen of messaging applications also counts within its settings with the possibility of reducing the consumption of data that we make every day. To do this, simply open the application, touch the menu button and go to Settings> Data usage and storage. Here we will be able to indicate what content we want to download when we are connected to mobile data or when we have a Wi-Fi network. It is also possible to activate the Reduce data usage automatically when we make voice calls through WhatsApp.

With these small changes in some of our applications we will be able to give a little more life to our mobile internet rate although it is always advisable to connect through a Wi-Fi network. Now in Jumilla, Telecable Jumilla offers you the possibility of connecting to ZonaTCJ, the set of Wi-Fi access points spread throughout the locality. You can find out about ZonaTCJ here.

The structure of menus and screens may vary on Android or iOS systems and may differ depending on the version of the application. It is always advisable to have updated applications and operating system to the latest versions.